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[Chinese shoes Network - brand observation] August 7 afternoon, called "Asian night" Liu Xiang in the men's 110 meters hurdles preliminaries due to accidental fall, missed the cut in the news caused strong concern microblogging users, a large number users express regret and respect through microblogging. Behind this top by enormous pressure not only Liu Xiang, as well as its endorsement of the enterprise. Is passively waiting for the huge losses again fall accident may result trapeze come again, or take the decisive shot of crisis public relations, it is a key test of maturity of enterprises in brand building development on the road. This Nike classic public relations crisis. From Nike to domestic construction machinery industry, I think, in the face of crisis, engineering machinery enterprises can like Nike as perfect public relations? In the fierce competition in the market tide, a company in the arena as cheap jordans for sale mens "night" in general, there are homeopathic, also adversity, there are brilliant, inevitably fall, the real competition, not just test you on the battlefield How brave, more often also test how you buck the trend? bury the hatchet, to turn things around. Look how Nike bury the hatchet As we all know, early in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, Liu Xiang had to retire because of injury, according to media estimate, Liu Xiang, the 2008 accident retire allow sponsors market losses of 30 billion yuan. Unfortunately, however, has not been out of the race trapeze businesses ruthless abandon, on the contrary, it became a good opportunity for all business competition crisis public relations capacity. Many companies have signed to play emotional card, Liu Xiang's position to understand the situation and will continue to work with Liu Xiang. Nike is the first time advertised word: "love the game, love spell on all pr cheap jordans online ide, love it win another one back, love to give up everything; love glory, love frustration love sports, even if it breaks your heart." By Emotional Raiders prominent national hero image, and thus dilute the track performance, avoid business risks. 2012-year history of the picture was repeated, with the face of "night" falls again, in its endorsement of all the brands I do not know what to do, when the indecisive, the Nike again quick to react, expressing greetings to the trapeze, indicated The firm's future and "one of China's greatest athletes" to continue to cooperate. Some would say that Nike is silly it? Lesson, do not yet tasted enough of it? Why would consistently "follow" Liu Xiang, in fact, this is a wise move, Nike, in the face of crisis bring trapeze Nike reflects the loyalty and justice, the use of people on the trapeze charisma of admiration, shape their own good brand image. Some people say, Cheap air jordan 12 ovo "This Nike public relations, and Liu Xiang as if one spokesmen" person sword. "The long-term PR strategy and a complete public relations plans and rapid response mechanism, multi-channel marketing reach, are worthy of Chinese enterprises to learn." Faced with the crisis of construction machinery industry can reproduce "Nike public relations" As previously said, in the fierce market competition, we do not just try to run, but also to think about how to stand up after the fall, in order to run faster and farther. From the recently ignited "Komatsu quality gate" to the "Three Ones layoffs door" to "door in the UN General Assembly single question" How Not to mention the fact that, on these three from the "gate" incident of view, which worry Perhaps only this giant three taste deepest feelings. Of course, for a company in the long course of development, will inevitably encounter various obstacles, like a pe Retro jordans for sale rson, like in the growth process, we will encounter setbacks and difficulties. The face of doubts and criticism, we escape, hide, or brave, can be the perfect public relations crisis is a test of a corporate brand image-building measure to rise to a higher level. I think escape Ye Hao, hidden worth mentioning, that can brave face like Nike, soldiers to the breakwater to soil cover, sincere face better reflect a company's attitude and responsibility. Engaged in construction machinery industry as a media worker, we wish our engineering machinery enterprises in the future path of development can go more stable, faster, better, more courageous in the face of adversity, to better reflect our responsibility ! and served as the face of the crisis, construction machinery enterprises can do it "Nike public relations" (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe Information Centre)?Chine cheap foamposites se shoes Network November 5 hearing, Ross's injury affects all of us, and he is back in like a soldier recently, the new season, we have reason to believe that the health of Ross will lead the Chicago Bulls team glory. But this time accompanied by the return of Ross and his foot shoes adidas Rose 3. So take this opportunity today to introduce a new color adidas Rose 3, we call it "Throwback". It is heard that the design inspiration from the classic drama "Fresh Prince", fluorescent green nubuck leather with blue edge modification, showing a defined fashion in the 1990s. The South Side and 773 words is a symbol of the details at the Rose used to live in the Chicago neighborhood, the overall design can be described as highly innovative.visvim FBT, as his veteran visvim, I believe you are not unfamiliar, the heritage of Indian mocassin the essence of national characteristics, it was really a lot Master because o cheap jordan shoes for men f this trend, and to inherit the traditional concept and improvement of exceptional interest in the shoes. earlier also for you to bring the engraved message visvim FBT SHAMAN, believe love nostalgia friends are again attracted, but deliberately shot can also suspend a moment, because this week, visvim again released a new FBT style FBT OPPIAN JP, to replace the traditional hand woven cloth to create suede ankle-wrap details (like early national FBT), also abandoned part of the suede fringe details, instead of the washing water flowing fabric tannins, lines and so on, vintage national feeling is immediately improved, to start with four different color, I believe it will be a new panic buying boom, are interested in the friend should pay more attention to the. brand name: FBT OPPIAN: visvim adhere to 30 years of high-quality functional requirements, New, Balance, M990, V3, Beijing look forward to th Retro jordans for sale e next ten years, Adidas Originals SOHO District shop 10th anniversary do not note series review last article: adhere to 30 years of high quality functional requirements, New Balance M990 V3 Beijing next article: look forward to the next ten years, Adidas Originals SOHO District shop 10th anniversary do not note series last month, The Hundreds for the first time exposed its Footware Collection series upcoming Valenzuela warfare shoes, in addition to simultaneously launched Johnson middle and low shoes. The Hundreds2009 summer series, showing to the canvas for the material, the color design (color and little embellishment) style, with a distinctive brand of the brand, such as tongue and heel are named brand exclusive trademark, the sole is also visible India sawtooth (Jags) lines. The three shoes will be on sale on Wednesday, April 23rd, and will be on sale at the and San Francisco stores in The Hundreds Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping . Source: Battle shoes Wang &nb〉 desert style, Nike " Air Huarache new design; Flint Spin" color will plan to sell this month at the end of the classic color training shoes this time this 90s will be inspired by the desert light brown to create artificial leather, black suede wrapped in the inner layer, in addition to equipped with a black tongue, laces and heel straps and bottom details in foil. Although the " Flint Spin" color to the end of the month before the sale, but now can be the first booking from Titolo. stylish, practical, two / Nike, ACG, Alder, Killer, Bees, color 90, new face / Nike 2014, Air, Max 90 series commented on last article: "fashion utility" two / Nike ACG Alder "Killer Bees" color next article: 90 new faces / Nike 2014, Air, Max 90 series Converse Chuck Taylor All Star was born on the 100th anniversary, in December last year launched a "All Star 100" cheap jordans for sale version 100th anniversary, not in the figure with the existing version of great design, such as adding deodorizing processing, skid outsole for better corrosion and force insole elements, retained a hundred years the appearance of more than Changqing become more functional. And today mastermind JAPAN on its official Instagram account in the upcoming Converse version of the Chuck Taylor All Star 100 anniversary launched a joint version of the leather material made visible, and respectively in the tongue, shoes and shoes tail pressure on the brand's signature skull pattern, in January 21st Amazon Kicks Limited sales, pricing 26000 yen. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- extended reading -- -- -- -- -- -- every day at six, on the way home from school, the 1626 WeChat public number makes you home! it's one of the most attractive Hairstyles for girls! 〉In addition to Roshe Run, Air Max, Free, Lunar, Cheap air jordans for sale Nike for all sincerity made this pair of brand new Nike Lunarfly 306, with its bright color and mesh of the body covered with many shoes become a must-have in summer. The exposure of the new color black shoes collocation eye-catching pink soles, grey protection belt Just Do It is still a prominent, and can provide adequate protection. Followed by the use of BRS 1000 wearable rubber, Lunar provides cushioning and comfort excellent. item: 644395-002 nike-lunar-fly-306-black-white-hyper-punch-01.jpg (125.27 KB, download number: 15) download Nike Lunarfly 306 color black ash 2014-7-28 08:54 upload nike-lunar-fly-306-black-white-hyper-punch-02.jpg (127.3 KB, download number: 12) download Nike Lunarfly 306 color black ash 2014-7-28 08:54 upload nike-lunar-fly-306-black-white-hyper-punch-03.jpg (114.51 KB, download number: 12) download Nike Lunarfly 306 color black ash 2014-7-28 08:54 upload nike-lunar-fly-306-black-white-hyper-punch-05-570x721.jpg (100.97 KB, download number: 12) download Nike Lunarfly 306 color black ash 2014-7-28 08:54 upload nike-lunar-fly-306-black-white-hyper-punch-04.jpg (111.25 KB, download number: 12) download Nike Lunarfly 306 color black ash 2014-7-28 08:54 upload 0 : because of the seasonal changes, the "eleven" golden week is the peak season for children's wear and children's shoes. The National Day has not arrived yet, but a few days in the mall, Binwang market of children's shoes, children's clothing sales have been showing a flourishing scene. century mall: these two days, the business is very good "I buy two pairs of cloth shoes, cheaper, 60 yuan!"!" "40 dollars for this pair of leather shoes, please!" The evening of September 27th, in the eleven century mall street, a home shop, many female customers crowded in the shop, busy to pick the right shoes for their children. "two days of business is very good, the store several sizes are sold out, has notified manufacturers replenishment. Just listed the new shoes, the sales growth of nearly two or three times more than the beginning of the August." Busy to greet the customer's children's shoes shop owner, just a few words, it was a customer called past. citizens Ms. Wang intends to September 30th and his family to Putuo to play, in order to get ready to pack early, she took her son together to buy shoes. "When the weather gets cold, just come and buy a pair of canvas shoes. You can wear them when you go out for a tour."." Ms. Wang bought a pair of canvas shoes and a pair of leather shoes for her son, and spent 70 yuan in all. "The store's shoes are beautifully priced and affordable, so buy two pairs."." century mall, some children's shoes operators introduced, in order to meet the "eleven" golden week, they made a few days ahead of the autumn and winter children's shoes. "Today, a shipment from Shanghai has just arrived and parents are already buying it.". National Day has not arrived, sales peak has arrived ahead of schedule." A children engaged in foreign trade business households said happily. Binwang market: autumn children have OTC yesterday morning, the reporter saw in the children's clothing market Binwang trading area, all children have on autumn. Focus on early autumn styles, including thin long sleeved T-shirt, wool coat and a thick coat. a Ding A district business users, this year's children's clothing to cotton fabrics, rich color, give a person with lively feeling. She said: "these days, children's clothing sales are very large, especially at noon, many parents come to buy clothes for their children, a purchase is three or four, many of them are old)